Chord Chart Guitar

Chord Chart / Chord Diagram for Guitar

The following guitar chord chart / guitar chord diagram is a breakdown of every guitar chord. By following this chord chart you will learn the fingering of every chord you will ever need to play on your guitar. The chord chart also shows you the different inversions and moveable positions of chords as well as odd ball chords like diminished flated 9th and more.

If you enjoy using our guitar chord chart / guitar chord diagram please take a look at our mores specific section where we discuss each specific chord in detail.

A Word Of Guitar Chord Chart Warning

Don't forget unless the string has a white or black dot on it don't play that string! Although technically if you do play it you are playing an interesting chord. So If you do it by mistake at band practice just tell everyone you are working on experimental atonal voicings... Or just smile and blame it on this guitar chord chart!

chord chart guitar


This Guitar Chord Chart is Full of Guitar Chords That You Will Never Use Unless You are Hanging Out With Your Jazz Friends.